Top10 forex brokers rankings in 2023
2023-11-08 18:28:52

  Forex trading refers to trading activities that make profits by buying and selling exchange rate differences between currencies of different countries.In Forex trading,investors invest by buying a currency in the hope that its value will rise or selling a currency in the hope that its value will fall.The forex trading market is one of the largest and most liquid financial markets in the world,with huge daily trading volumes.The profit from forex trading mainly comes from the price difference caused by exchange rate fluctuations.Investors can use technical analysis,basic analysis and other methods to predict exchange rate changes and make trading decisions based on this

  For forex investment transactions,you need to be careful when choosing a platform.With the rise of the forex industry in recent years,various platforms have sprung up like mushrooms after a rain,leading investors to make blind choices.FxGecko has compiled a ranking of the top ten forex traders in the world.It has evaluated various aspects that investors care about such as the brand qualifications of the forex platform,reputation,supervision,credibility,deposits and withdrawals,etc.,and finally listed the following top ten forex transactions.The platform is for investors’reference only,and the final choice lies with the investors themselves.


  The services and financial products provided by FXTM[1]keep pace with the times,try their best to meet all the requirements of customers,and provide customers with the most comfortable trading conditions.Whether you are a novice trader or an experienced trader,FXTM will be your most effective helper and most intimate friend in the trading process.In addition,FXTM has also launched unique PAMM account services and various cooperation plans for Chinese customers.

  2.Interactive Brokers

  Interactive Brokers is an American brokerage that provides the lowest transaction costs and the best transaction execution;excellent trading technology helps you improve transaction speed and efficiency,and conduct comprehensive portfolio analysis;customers can invest in global stocks,options,and fixed prices through integrated accounts.Income,bonds,ETFs,exchange indices.

  3.IC Markets

  IC Markets is a Forex CFD provider that has been operating since 2007.IC Markets exists to bridge the gap between retail and institutional traders so that everyone around the world can trade.IC Markets is one of the most well-known CFD contracts brokers,providing trading solutions for active day traders and scalpers as well as newbies to the Forex market.IC Markets provides its clients with a state-of-the-art trading platform,low-latency connectivity and superior liquidity.

  4.AC Capital

  AC Capital provides global investors with the most popular MT5 and cTrader trading platforms,allowing investors to use the two major trading platforms on computers,tablets and mobile devices.They also have rich charting tools,fast entry and execution,and complete orders.Range,advanced order protection and many other advanced functions.In addition to enjoying the unique advantages of MT5 and cTrader trading platforms,AC Capital has also added international-level 24-hour news information,so that investors can receive the most relevant information at the first time.Investors can also use Autochartist's charts to evaluate future trends,create and manage their own dynamic investment portfolios,find trading opportunities for investors,filter out untimely information,and help investors capture the highest probability of success.Investors experience a convenient and safe intelligent trading experience.


  Exness(SC)Ltd is a securities dealer registered in Seychelles with registration number 8423606-1.Exness(SC)Ltd holds a regulatory license from the Financial Services Authority(FSA),license number is SD025,and its registered office address is:9A CT House,2nd floor,Providence,Mahe Island,Seychelles.

  Exness a securities intermediary registered in Curacao with registration number 148698(0).Exness B.V.holds a regulatory license from the Central Bank of Curaçao and Sint Maarten/CBCS,license number 0003LSI,and its registered office address is:Emancipatie Boulevard Dominico F.“Don”Martina 31,Curaçao(Curacao).

  Exness(VG)Ltd holds a regulatory license from the Financial Services Commission of the British Virgin Islands(BVI),registration number is 2032226,investment business license number is SIBA/L/20/1133,and its registered office address is:Trinity Chambers,P.O.Box 4301,Road Town,Tortola,British Virgin Islands.


  TMGM Group was established in Sydney,Australia in 2013.It is a broker that provides financial product transactions for global customers.As the only designated online trading sponsor of the 2021-2023 Australian Open,TMGM is regulated by ASIC(Australian Securities Commission),VFSC(Vanuatu Financial Services Commission),and FMA(New Zealand Financial Markets Authority).Provide investors with security in many aspects.

  7.KCM Trade

  KCM Trade(KCM Group Holding Limited)was established in the British Virgin Islands in 2016 and is the holding parent company of Kohle Capital Markets Limited.As a well-recognized CFD broker,KCM Trade provides liquidity quotations and technical supply services to more than 60 financial institutions,becoming an important partner behind their success.In 2019,KCM Trade achieved an annual trading volume growth of 22.8%and officially launched retail business.We are committed to creating a trading environment and experience for individual investors that is comparable to that of institutional clients.At present,the number of global retail accounts has exceeded 450,000,the number of executed orders has exceeded 75 million,and it has carried out in-depth cooperation with more than 80 institutional customers.With industry experience as a liquidity provider,KCM Trade has more than 175 employees in Australia,Mauritius,Hong Kong,Thailand,Malaysia and Vietnam,providing global investors with diversified financial services such as forex,precious metals,energy,indices,and stock CFDs.Serve.We adhere to the first principle of fairness and integrity and help more and more individual investors integrate into the ever-changing financial market.

  8.NAG Markets

  NAG Markets is the world's leading CFD broker,providing customers with diversified trading products such as forex,precious metals,energy and global indices with low spreads.The company's strong strength and customer-oriented approach have enhanced our competitiveness in the industry and laid a solid foundation for our development.

  N and G are the abbreviations of National and Global respectively.We understand the importance of localization development and are committed to providing better localization services to customers around the world.This purpose has always led us towards a better future.Broad global market.

  We have diversified trading products including forex,precious metals,energy and global indices.They are all provided by the leading traders in the market and through our NDD trading model,we strive to allow customers to capture every move at any opportunities.


  Doo Prime is an Internet brokerage brand under the Doo Group Metropolitan Holdings Group.It aims to provide professional investors with CFD trading products for global securities,futures,forex(currency pairs),commodities,stock indexes and funds.Currently,it has more than 60,000 Multiple professional clients provide high-quality trading brokerage services,with more than 1 million trading orders completed every month.

  Doo Prime holds financial regulatory licenses in Seychelles,Mauritius and Vanuatu,and has operation centers in Dallas,Sydney,Singapore,Hong Kong,Dubai,Kuala Lumpur and other places.

  With its strong financial technology infrastructure,close partnerships,and experienced technical team,Doo Prime always provides investors with a safe and reliable trading environment,competitive transaction costs,and extremely fast transaction execution channels.In MT4,MT5,Industry-leading trading terminals such as TradingView and InTrade provide more than 10,000 trading products,support deposits and withdrawals in 10 different currencies,and provide 7*24-hour multi-lingual customer service.

  Doo Prime’s vision and mission is to become a leading international Internet brokerage with financial technology as its core,serving investors and making global financial product investment a simple matter.


  MogaFX Mojia International Group is an Australian broker that provides a variety of asset trading services with superior trading conditions,in addition to round-the-clock service and first-class training.Our goal is to create a real trading environment based on transparency,reliability,and high quality to meet the needs of all customers.MogaFX Mojia International Group has long been committed to enabling traders to continuously improve their trading skills and conduct transactions under the best conditions.

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