Complaint details

[Complaint number]: 9128
[Complaint object]: [澳汇AUS GLOBAL]
[Requirements]: 退还本金
[Amount involved]: 100000.0$
[Complaint progress]: Replied
澳汇AUS GLOBAL Reply 2022-11-23 14:24:53

针对该代理反映的问题,经过核实,系因该代理与名下客户存在纠纷,我司收到其名下客户的投诉,为保护客户的资金,故暂停受理该代理的出金及转账业务办理,请代理与客户联系并积极协商解决,如已协助客户解决问题,请客户发送邮件至 说明情况,之后我司会对代理账户进行解除冻结。

FxGecko Customer Service Center Waiting for the broker to process 2022-11-21 17:53:46

Contacted the broker 澳汇AUS GLOBAL

FxGecko Customer Service Center Approved 2022-11-21 17:53:39
anonymous Create a complaint 2022-11-21 17:48:14


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To protect rights, go to FxGecko
Although FxGecko is not a market supervision department, it is not binding on the foreign exchange platform, but when more and more people know about FxGecko, more and more people leave their complaints records on FxGecko , more and more people go to FxGecko to check before consumption, then FxGecko will be more and more valued by foreign exchange platforms, so as to actively deal with the above complaints.
Of course, some foreign exchange platforms can no longer operate by themselves, delaying refunds, no matter how foreign exchange investors complain on FxGecko, the foreign exchange platform will not have any feedback. But the more people complain, the more they can remind other foreign exchange investors not to be deceived.
Forex complaint black platform is on FxGecko. FxGecko, a complaint and rights protection platform that safeguards foreign exchange rights and actively fights for the weak.



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