MogaFX false regulation, selling dog meat with sheep's heads?
2023-10-19 16:55:47
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FxGecko reminds investment enthusiasts that choosing a platform that is regulated by reliable regulatory agencies is crucial. Understanding the historical background of the platform, researching the trading conditions provided by the platform, trading software, and customer service are all essential processes.

Before choosing a foreign exchange platform for investment, it is necessary to conduct sufficient research and investigation in order to better obtain investment security and a better trading experience.

Recently, investors have complained about MogaFX's false regulation and selling dog meat through the FxGecko app.

Complainant Disclosure The platform is under false supervision. I was hacked for $30000 on the platform and later filed a complaint with AFCA. After investigation, it was found that the platform was selling dog meat under the guise of sheep's head, claiming that Australian regulation actually placed all customer accounts under the supervision of Saint Vincent. However, in reality, Saint Vincent did not have foreign exchange regulatory qualifications. Later, my friend and I personally went to the Sydney office address displayed on the Moga official website and found that the building had already been empty. Please remove the platform from the Zebra and ask The tags on the question platform prevent more people from being deceived!"

About MogaFX

MogaFX Moga International Group is an Australian brokerage company that offers a variety of asset trading services under superior trading conditions. In addition, it also offers 24-hour services and first-class training. Our goal is to create a true trading environment based on transparency, reliability, and high quality, meeting the needs of all customers. MogaFX Mojia International Group has long been committed to enabling traders to continuously improve their trading skills and conduct transactions under the best conditions.

MogaFX, Displays three regulatory platforms on the FxGecko app. The regulatory status of the Australian ASIC license it holds is under regulation, while the regulatory status of the Saint Vincent FSA and New Zealand FSP licenses is under operation.

MogaFX, FxGecko APP scores 8.6 points. Although the rating is high, investors are advised to choose cautiously, as a high rating on FxGecko does not mean the platform is fine!!

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